Kaskat Dairy – prebiotic complex

We are pleased to announce that our unique prebiotic complex used in Grand Gelato ice cream has obtained official patent no. 243011.

Most of our products contain a unique prebiotic complex:

– Grand Gelato ice cream,

– FFMP Forte Milk,

– Milk Topping for vending machines,

– Coffee Creamer,

– Forte Meal potato puree,

– Forte Meal instant porridges,

– Forte Meal drinking yogurts.

The prebiotic complex consists of sugars called oligosaccharides, which are not digested by humans and fully reach the large intestine, serving as a delicacy for probiotic intestinal bacteria that have an extremely beneficial effect on the human body! Our product is therefore a real breakthrough on the market, combining excellent, natural taste with health-promoting properties ! Such properties will undoubtedly be appreciated by people for whom conscious nutrition of themselves and their family members is an important factor when choosing the ingredients of their daily diet.

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