Kaskat Dairy – Milk topping for vending

Kaskat Dairy- Milk Topping for vending

We are pleased to present the novelty of 2024 – Milk Topping for vending machines!

Milk Topping from Kaskat Dairy is perfect for all types of vending machines. The product creates a thick layer of foam, has a classic milky taste and aroma, combines perfectly with any coffee drink and has excellent solubility.

It is important to remember that the regular home version of powdered milk is not suitable for automatic dosing. In the case of vending machines, a large number of ingredients and components are involved in creating a hot drink, and at each stage it is necessary to ensure that the milk passes through all the tubes of the machine. In addition, some ingredients may interact with each other, spoiling the quality of the raw material.

By purchasing Milk Topping from Kaskat Dairy, you can be sure that the product is perfect for your vending machine and that the hot drink with Milk Topping will have a delicious and repeatable taste!

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tel/whatsapp: +48 728 867 077
tel: +48 957 224 002

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