Clarified butter (AMF)

Clarified butter (AMF) is the purest possible form of milk fat, almost 100% milk fat, without water or protein. It is characterised by its golden colour and slightly perceptible nutty aftertaste. Its high melting point, allows it to be fried and cooked in deep fat.

Physicochemical parameters

Fat (%) ≥ 99,8
Free fatty acids 0.20 max
Protein (%) <0,01
Peroxide value (meq/kg) 0.2 max
Moisture (%) 0.10 max
Smoking point (°C) 200 – 205


Clarified butter is very widely used mainly in baking: for bread, cakes and pastries of all kinds. Due to its properties, it is also used as an ingredient in confectionery creams, fillings, chocolate, pralines and desserts . It is particularly suitable for frying meat, fish, vegetables and pancakes.


Carton 25 kg with polyethylene insert, drums 190-210 kg

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