High protein

Fat filled milk powder with a high protein content (22%-26%) and the addition of a patented prebiotic complex is a composition of powdered dairy products with an increased content of casein proteins, while limiting whey proteins to a minimum. Thanks to the addition of triplex oligosaccharides, the product has a positive effect on immunity. Available in instant and standard solubility versions. Available in instant and standard solubility versions.

Physicochemical parameters

Protein (%) 22-26
Fat (%) 26-28
Humidity (%) ≤ 4,0
Ash (%) 6,5-8,5
pH 6,0
Solubility (ml) ≤ 1,0
Lactose (%) +/-1 38-40
Clearance (disc) A, A/B
Oligosaccharides (XOS,GOS,FOS) 0,5%-1%


Due to the high content of casein proteins, it was created for the production of yogurts, but at the same time it is such a valuable and universal product that it is also used in other branches of the food industry, such as coffee and tea whiteners, chocolates, desserts, creams, sauces.


Four-layer paper bag with polyethylene insert, 25 kg and 10 kg net

Additional packaging options

Sachets from 100 g to 2500 g net

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