Instant corn porridge

Instant corn porridge is obtained in the process of cleaning and crushing corn kernels. It is characterized by an extremely mild taste, it is filling and at the same time easy to digest. The addition of powdered milk means that only water is needed to prepare it.  It contains a patented prebiotic complex that has a positive effect on immunity.

Physicochemical parameters

Energy value 377 Kcal
Fat 8,47 g
Carbohydrates 65,84 g
Protein 9,27 g
Salt 0,75 g
Oligosaccharides(XOS,GOS,FOS) 0,5%-1%


Instant corn porridge is a well-balanced meal in itself, ready in just 3 minutes ! It gives dishes a beautiful yellow color. It is an excellent thickener for soups or stews, as well as an ingredient in desserts, especially puddings.


Foil sachets 100 g, 500 g, 1000 g net

Additional packaging options

Four-layer paper bag with polyethylene insert, 20 kg and 8 kg net

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