Low protein

Fat Filled milk powder with reduced protein content (5%-10%) and the addition of a patented prebiotic complex is an economical composition, used wherever high protein content is pointless. This milk is functional due to its taste and energy properties due to its high lactose content. The product is characterized by universality, viscosity, high solubility and a positive effect on immunity. Available in instant and standard solubility versions.

Physicochemical parameters

Protein (%) 5-10
Fat (%) 26-28
Humidity (%) ≤ 4,0
Ash (%) 6,5-8,5
pH 6,0
Solubility (ml) ≤ 1,0
Lactose (%) +/-1 51-62
Clearance (disc) A, A/B
Oligosaccharides (XOS,GOS,FOS) 0,5%-1%


Dedicated to the baking and confectionery industry, production of milk drinks, coffee and tea whiteners, chocolates, desserts, creams, sauces, cookies and wafers. Due to its universality, it can also be used in other branches of the food industry.


Four-layer paper bag with polyethylene insert, 25 kg and 10 kg net

Additional packaging options

Foil sachets from 100 g to 2500 g net

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