Medium protein

Fat filled milk powder with optimized protein content (12%-20%) and the addition of a patented prebiotic complex is an economical alternative to traditional whole milk powder, non-greasy to the touch, does not smear during production, good source of energy, very good solubility in warm and cold water. Thanks to the addition of prebiotic triplex, it has a positive effect on immunity. Available in instant and standard solubility versions.

Physicochemical parameters

Protein (%) 12-20
Fat (%) 26-28
Humidity (%) ≤ 4,0
Ash (%) 6,5-8,5
pH 6,0
Solubility (ml) ≤ 1,0
Lactose (%) +/-1 40-45
Clearance (disc) A, A/B
Oligosaccharides (XOS,GOS,FOS) 0,5%-1%


Due to the specially adapted composition of proteins (whey and casein) with different properties nutrients and good solubility of the components are intended mainly for use in milk drinks (both for direct dissolution in a glass of water and for mass production using various types of flavor additives).


Four-layer paper bag with polyethylene insert, 25 kg and 10 kg net

Additional packaging options

Foil sachets from 100 g to 2500 g net

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