Milk protein concentrate 60-85%

Milk protein concentrate is a functional concentrated milk powder containing from 60 to 85% protein, obtained from skimmed milk in the process of eliminating part of lactose and minerals using ultrafiltration, followed by evaporation and spray drying.

Physicochemical parameters

Protein (%) ≥ 75
Fat (%) ≤ 1,0
Humidity (%)
≤ 5,0
Ash (%) ≤ 5,5
pH 6,2 – 6,8
Solubility (ml) ≤ 1,0
Lactose (%) +/-1 11
Cleanliness (disk) A, A/B


Milk protein concentrate is a highly functional product with the ability to, among other things, emulsify, create foam and bind water, which makes it used in many branches of the food industry. The production of protein shakes, milk drinks, cold meats, bakery and confectionery products are just some of its wide applications.


Four-layer paper bag with polyethylene insert, 25 kg and 10 kg net

Additional packaging options

Foil sachets from 100 g to 2500 g net

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