Mozzarella and Cagliata

Mozzarella is a soft, steamed, unripened cheese and extremely mild in flavour. Compared to other cheeses, it contains fewer calories and fat. It is rich in protein and minerals: phosphorus, zinc, selenium, vitamin B-12. Cagliata, on the other hand, is a soft cheese with a mild, slightly acidic flavour that can be consumed as a finished product or as a semi-finished product from which mozzarella or ricotta can be obtained.

Physicochemical parameters


Fat (%) 17-20
Moisture (%) < 49
Protein (%) 25-28
pH 5,2-5,5
Salt (g) ≤ 1,5


Fat (%) 25-28
Moisture (%) < 45
Protein (%) 25-28
pH 5,7
Salt (g) ≤ 1,5


Mozzarella, due to its properties, is perfect as an addition to warm, baked dishes: pizzas, toasts, casseroles. Its mild flavour also makes it taste great cold as an ingredient of salads and sandwiches.


10 i 25kg2.5 kg and 20 kg blocks packaged in shrink wrap and cardboard box.

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