Whey permeate is an intermediate product resulting from the production of whey protein concentrate. It is then subjected to a spray drying process. Permeate is a product rich in lactose and mineral salts. It is an economical substitute for milk and whey powder.

Physicochemical parameters

Protein (%) ≥ 2,0
Fat (%) ≤ 1,5
Humidity (%) ≤ 4,0
Lactose (%) ≥ 80,0
Ash (%) ≤ 8,5
pH 5,6 – 6,5
Solubility (ml) ≤ 1,0
Cleanliness (disk) A, A/B


Permeate is commonly used in the production of cookies, bread, drinks, sweets, ice cream and other products in the food and feed industry.


Four-layer paper bags with polyethylene insert, 25 kg and 10 kg net

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